Now is the best time to invest in living space in Vrnjacka Banja, whether you plan to come for holidays or to move out of the big city permanently. Vrnjacka Banja has all the necessary infrastructure required for a modern family, the highest quality of air and water, and now, with the construction of Belladonna apartments, there is also a new, high-class residential complex. Don't miss this unique opportunity to buy an apartment in the famous park in the heart of Vrnjacka Banja.


Vrnjacka Banja's central park

Vrnjacka Banja's central park is considered to be the most beautiful park in Serbia. The famous Roman spring is in the center of the park, while the Vrnjačka river flows straight through it. It's an ideal place for recreation, relaxation, and play, equally magical in both summer and winter. The air is clean thanks to abundant greenery and the absence of traffic, while Belladonna apartments are inside the park, which is unique in Vrnjacka Banja.


Apartments are 50m away

Ancient Romans were first to fully enjoy all the benefits of thermal waters in Vrnjacka Banja. They built a thermal pool on top of the thermal spring in the 1st century AD, and today there is a spa there, with the same spring. Belladonna apartments are just 50 meters away from the spring and Spa center, so you can enjoy all it offers, whenever you want. Forget the Spa centers in big cities, which are trying to create natural surroundings artificially, and enjoy real quiet in pure natural Spa.


High-quality concrete construction

Belladonna apartments are energy efficient, thanks to a traditional sandwich wall, and high-quality aluminum windows. The facade consists of old bricks reused from German-style houses in Vojvodina, specially delivered, refurbished and installed by specialists. We are also very proud of the sound insulation system implemented between the apartments and super quiet piping.


Convenient medium and small-sized apartments

During the design phase of Belladonna apartments, we strived to deliver maximum comfort to future owners and to make apartments equally fit for vacation visits and continuous occupancy. Floor surfaces are not very high, ideal for couples and small families, typical new residents of Vrnjacka Banja. These types of apartments are uniquely well suited for renting and will make a good investment.


High ceiling, oak flooring, superb windows and ceramics, newest AC units

High ceilings (2.9m) and high wooden doors provide a unique look at first glance when entering Belladonna apartments. Owners don't need to make finishing touches, as all apartments have first-class oak floors, Italian ceramics, and Japanese AC units. View of the park is even better when looking through newly installed Rehau windows, so the new owner can bring in the bed and start living in Belladonna apartment.


Parking in front of the building, elevator inside.

Most buildings under four floors in Vrnjacka Banja do not have elevators, but we believe that the presence of an elevator is making life a lot easier, even in small buildings. It also makes the building more suitable for older residents, while parking space saves time for all residents with cars. The building is very accessible and well connected to the town's road network.


Vrnjacka Banja is considered the "Queen of Spa's in Serbia," and will quickly charm each new visitor. Step out of your Belladonna apartment, go straight to the town center, and see some of the significant landmarks of Vrnjacka Banja.


Town Park is located 150m away from Belladonna apartments. The best way to get to know Vrnjacka Banja is to take a coach ride, from Love bridge to the town's park, which is very rich in plant and animal species. Along the Vrnjacka river, you will find long paths beside willow trees, more than two kilometers long. These tracks were favorite walking paths for many Serbian artists who frequented Vrnjacka Banja through the years, where today, millions of tourists still walk gladly. Only when you see all the beauty of Vrnjacka Banja with your own eyes, you will know that everything said about Vrnjacka Banja is no overstatement.